Frequently Asked Questions

Any student who is authenticated via his/her school email address, we have to maintain some kind of a restriction to be able to improve the experience you will have on our site. Since only students can join, there will be no weirdos or fake profiles. There is a trade-off between the number of profiles and the quality but we think quality is more important than quantity.
We don’t use ads on our site because we think that it would disturb you and it would destroy the whole purpose.
DateWithStudents is the first trial of helping students from different departments and schools with different majors who haven’t had the chance to meet or date. We think there are number of reasons why people don’t use online dating and with this safe and private site we are trying to solve this!
The matching is based on your profile so if you provide more information about you, the results will be better.
Nope, we think it is the opposite, because you have the chance to exclude from your network anyone you know, so if you want to go out with someone you know, we recommend you call him/her. However we believe you will have lots of chance to date people otherwise you wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet.
We think the reason behind bad dating sites is poor safety and privacy regulations. That is why we have the authentication via school email address so we can avoid fake profiles, SCAMs and SPAMs.

Safety awareness notification

You can never be too careful, especially when you are talking with a stranger who wants to meet you.

Never mention your last name or your address, phone number, work place, or any other identifying details about you. STOP communicating with anyone who wants to trick you or pressures you into any situation where you will reveal for example personal or financial information.

If you decide to meet with someone face to face, always tell one of your friend or family where you are going and when are you coming back. Never agree to be picked up at your home! Always arrange your own transportation to there and back and always meet in a public place with a many people around.